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Sneeze Guards – Markets – Cafes – Bakery – Stalls

Spring market season is here! Where there are markets, there are sneeze guards!

We manufacture quality sneeze guards for pop-up stores and market stalls.

Choose from a variety of styles to suit your needs. Your products will be clearly displayed and protected in an elegant sneeze guard. 
Styles include: Collapsible – for ease of transport, open back guards, flat and angled tops, budget-friendly, and portable designs.

Need something specific? We also offer custom sneeze guards. See more here.

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Our Guards In Action:

Below: Photos of our Budget Guards used to display delicious Scrolls made by Scrollies. Check the Scrollies Facebook page to keep updated on their pop-up store locations.

Custom made guards for Laucke Flour; Pasta Italia, and Barossa Fine Foods at Trade Shows.


Sneeze Guards For Scrollies Pop-Up Stall Sneeze Guards For Scrollies Pop-Up Stall