Plastic Laser Cutting & Plastic Processing

Here at Pacific West Plastics, we provide a comprehensive & price competitive processing service for cutting and machining all of our plastics. Plastic laser cutting is most commonly used, and we cut to all plastics to size. We can provide semi-finished products for you to machine, or produce finished items according to your specifications.

Laser cutting of acrylic is the most commonly used & versatile cutting service we provide, suitable for domestic, retail, decorative, and industrial applications. Combining excellent accuracy with clean, polished edges, plastic laser cutting gives the designer the versatility of laser cutting complicated patterns from flat plastic sheets in a fast and cost effective process.

We can laser cut acrylic sheet up to 40mm thick, and additional substrates such as stainless steel, aluminium, MDF & PETG can also be laser cut on request. For materials that can’t be cut with a laser, such as PVC, we provide a complete router cutting service, as well as various other methods of processing suitable for each type of plastic.

To obtain a quote for plastic laser cutting or plastics processing please email your requirements to, including any artwork files or engineering drawings in PDF or DXF format, or visit us at