MSDS Holders

We have extensive experience in fabricating custom designed MSDS Holders, including wall mountable, desk or bench top, open or covered, and single or multi level MSDS Holders in various sizes. We fabricate MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) Holders especially designed to suit your specific requirements, incorporating hot work, hazardous substances, confined space, noise and working at height information to create the right MSDS Holder for your workplace.

This example of a wall-mounted holder is fabricated out of clear acrylic sheet, and will help you to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety requirements by holding all of your data and allowing easy access to the necessary paperwork by your staff for each job. By keeping all the paperwork together, unnecessary down time is eliminated and jobs will be completed faster and be OH&S and HACCP compliant.

MSDS Holders HSDS Holders 

Some other examples of custom fabricated safety, security and MSDS holders:


MSDS Holders - Key Locker   MSDS Holders - Key Locker


  MSDS Holders - Safety Glasses Holder     MSDS Holders - Safety Glasses Holder     MSDS Holders - Safety Glasses Holder


Please contact us for more information on our plastic fabrication and MSDS holders to see how we can help you to become more organised in the work place. You and your staff will soon realise the advantages of having their paperwork, gloves, ear plugs, etc., all easily accessible and in the one place. A tidy work place is also a safe work place!