Consumer Products

Here at Pacific West Plastics we offer a variety of high quality consumer products for domestic and commercial use. We fabricate quality product displays to assist in the promotion and marketing of your company and its products, for example: Merchandise stands, bar displays, cake and food displays, magazine stands, museum displays, and poster/photograph frames to name a few.

Our product displays are custom fabricated as opposed to ‘off the shelf’ items, ensuring that your display is unique to you and your design. Our plastic fabricators are highly skilled professionals who will work with you and your designs to produce finished product displays which are second to none. Our fabrication team pays special attention to quality and fine detail so that your completed display works for you.

Our displays are generally made from acrylic, which is an excellent and cost-effective alternative to glass, as it is lightweight (approximately half the weight of glass), easy to transport and install, very easy to clean, and much safer in regards to breakages. Acrylic is also available in a wide range of colours, tints and textures, enabling us to create the perfect modern, eye catching display to suit your needs.

In commercial situations, our displays are guaranteed to compliment the decor of any office, club, restaurant, store, trade show stall, museum, or cafe, presenting your products in a professional and attractive way. You can be assured that your precious items will be displayed in the best possible way, protecting them from dust and fingerprints.

Not limited to commercial purposes, our displays also offer an extremely attractive way to display your memorabilia and special items at home, whether it be a model car collection, figurines, sporting memorabilia, posters and photos, autographed mementos, rare and limited cd’s and records, or even your wine collection.

Some consumer products we offer include: Stubby holder dispensers, tissue box covers, cake stands, cupcake towers, cd and vinyl display cases, chopping boards, aquarium supplies and accessories and decorative items.

For custom designs, we can work from photos, computer files, drawings and rough sketches. Just simply either email your requirements to for a quote, or visit us at:
Check out our Facebook page for an extensive gallery showcasing our custom fabrication. Many of our ready made consumer products can also be purchased on eBay.