PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is a specialised engineering plastic featuring various outstanding properties including: Non-stick surface to which no substance will adhere, resulting in low friction as well as excellent sliding & release capabilities; Chemical, solvent, corrosion & UV resistance; High temperature stability, capable of continuous use at incredibly high temperatures up to 260 degrees centigrade; and increased insulating and dielectric capabilities. If you require a tough engineering plastic which performs well at high temperatures and in aggressive atmospheres, Polytetrafluoroethylene is the ideal choice.

Features and Benefits of PTFE:

Lowest coefficient of wear & friction
Good creep resistance
Outstanding heat resistance
Dimensionally stable with increased rigidity
Completely resistant to most chemicals
Excellent dielectric properties

Uses of PTFE:

Chemical linings
Slide bearings
Valve Seats
O-rings, glide rings, piston rings, lanern rings & back up rings
Electrical and thermal insulators
Wear plates
Bearings in chemical pumps
Envelope gaskets

PTFE is available in the following forms and sizes:

Thickness: 3 – 50 mm
Size: 610 x 610mm

Thickness: 3 – 10 mm
Size: 1220 x 1220mm

Outside Diameter: 10 – 50 mm
Length: 2m

Outside Diameter: 50 – 150mm
Length: 300mm

Outside Diameter: 36 – 639mm
Length: 150 – 300mm

0.25 – 3mm thick x 1200mm wide
EOS (Etched one side) for bonding to steel also available

Imperial: 0.125 – 1.1″
Outside Diameter: 36 – 625 mm

Colours: Natural (white)

PTFE rod and cyilinder an be filled with carbon, glass or bronze fibres for specialty purposes and enhanced performance:
Carbon fillers are self lubricating & conductive;
Glass fillers are abrasive and increase dimensional stability, hardness & wear resistance;
Bronze fillers are a non-abrasive alternative to glass, also providing increased dimensional stability, hardness & wear resistance

As with all of our engineering plastics, PTFE rod, sheet, cylinder, tape & tube can be cut to size and custom fabricated as required. All products and services we provide are available to the general public, including custom design and fabrication. Limited engineering plastics and adhesives are available on our eBay store.

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Custom Fabricated PTFE Scraper Blades

Custom Fabricated Scraper Blades

Machined PTFE Part

Machined Part

PTFE Bull Nose

Bull Nose


Various Machined PTFE Parts

Various Machined Parts