Polyurethane is a unique and highly versatile liquid urethane polymer which can be cured to various degrees of hardness. Featuring excellent resistance to abrasion, oils, chemicals, solvents and oxidation while maintaining high tensile strength and resilience, polyurethane combines many of the advantages of rigid plastic and metal in addition to having the elasticity of rubber.

Features and Benefits of Polyurethane:

High load bearing capacity
More durable than conventional elastomers
Can be machined, drilled, sawn, turned and shaped on standard metal working equipment
Can be processed to provide a variety of shapes
High impact resistance
Low unlubricated coefficient of friction
Good water resistance
Resists cracking under repeated flexure
Remains flexible at very low temperatures
Good radiation resistance

Uses of Polyurethane:

Conveyor drive and idle rollers
Hydraulic and pneumatic seals
Pump impellers
Bearing pads, rollers, gear wheels, bushes
Crane wheels
Conveyor belt scraping blades
Wear parts
Printing rollers
Cyclone nozzles

Polyurethane is available in the following forms and sizes:

Thickness: 3 – 50mm
Size: 610mm x 610mm
Thicker and larger sheets can be custom cast on request

Outside Diameter: 10mm – 100mm
Length: 1m
Larger rods can be custom cast on request

Made to order as per your requirements

Mmachined and coated parts can be custom made as per your requirements

Common Colours:
Many other colours are available on request

As with all of our engineering plastics, polyurethane rod & sheet can be cut to size and polyurethane rod, sheet & tube can be custom cast or fabricated as required. Please contact us for a quote.

Polyurethane Products:

Polyurethane Custom Cast Parts

Custom Cast Parts

Polyurethane Coated Roller

Coated Roller

Polyurethane Coated Rollers

Coated Rollers

Polyurethane Drive Roller

Drive Roller