Engineering Plastics

Engineering plastics, also known as thermoplastics, are more durable and heavy duty than general plastics, and are typically available in sheet, rod or tube which is then fabricated, moulded or cast into parts and other semi-finished or end products. Engineering plastics feature exeptional thermal and mechanical properties, designed for manufacturing and enduring considerable amounts of stress, wear and high temperatures. Many engineering plastics are an excellent replacement or alternative to to wood, glass and metal in various applications and product fabrication.

Engineering Plastics we supply include:

Bakelite Composites
Bondable UHMWPE (Durasurf Adhesive Wear Strip)
Polyethylenes – High Density, High Molecular Weight, and Ultra High Molecular Weight


Services We Offer

Pacific West Plastics can supply you with all your engineering plastic needs. We offer a cut to size service for all types of plastic, as well as full fabrication services. We have extensive experience in custom fabrication of engineering plastics for industrial purposes, from intricate machine parts to large chemical & corrosion resistant tanks. We can replicate replacement machine parts, or create parts and products based on your own designs and specifications.

Various industrial strength adhesives are also available in small-large quantities. We are an authorised stockist of exclusive formulation Acri-Bond solvent cement adhesives, and Zettex spray on contact adhesive. Information about our full range of adhesives and polish, including applications and available sizes can be found here.

All products and services we provide are available to the general public, including custom design and fabrication. Limited engineering plastics and adhesives are available on our eBay store.

Please contact us to submit your enquiry, or visit us:

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