Cake Stands

We have a variety of beautiful and elegant cake stands which are readily available or made to order. We can customise any of our existing designs to create a cake stand or display to better suit your needs, or we can completely custom design and create a cake stand or display just for you. Whether you’re after something simple and practical, classy and elegant, or unique and funky, we can create the perfect cake stand or display for you.



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This highly versatile Tower Stand can be assembled as a 2-5 tier tower to suit all occasions and number of people attending. Beautiful, convenient and practical, this gorgeous clear cake stand comes flat packed for ease of transportation, and can easily be dismantled and re-used again and again at weddings, parties, formal functons and virtually any special occassion, making it excellent value. Made from 4.5mm clear acrylic and featuring smooth, polished edges, our strong and sturdy maypole design cupcake tower can hold over 80 mini cupcakes.

1st Tier –  350mm
2nd Tier – 300mm
3rd Tier –  250mm
4th Tier –  200mm
5th Tier –  150mm

Total height once assembled is 435mm, inclusive of non-slip rubber feet on base. Distance between each tier is 100mm.

Available now on eBay.

Custom platforms can be made by request. Please contact us.



We have unique range of cake pop/lollipop stands available in various styles of round and rectangular designs. Made from 4.5mm crystal clear acrylic and glass green tint acrylic (it looks just like real glass!), with non-slip rubber feet on the base, our sturdy cake pop stands will hold 12 pops completely upright and straight. Proudly Australian designed and made, our exclusive cake pop stands feature smooth, polished edges, the convenience of lightweight portability, and are great value. Perfect for displaying your beautiful cake pops at festivals, markets, trade shows and special events and occasions.

Round Styles: 20cm diameter x 6cm high, with 12x 5mm holes
Rectangular Styles: 24cm (L) x 17cm (W) x 6cm (H), with 12x 5mm holes

round clear cake pop stand  round glass tint cake pop stand Type S Cake Pop Stand TYPE BG Rectangle Cake Pop Stand  $T2eC16hHJGsFFMmeF(ufBSTjOVHtKw~~60_57 Cake pop cake stands

Available now on eBay.

Custom cake pop stands can be made by request. Please contact us.





Here you will find some examples of custom designed and fabricated cake stands and cake displays. If you would like to personalise one of our existing designs, or create your own unique display, please contact us and we will work with you to make your dream cake display a reality.

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Additional examples of our custom designs and fabrications can be found on our Facebook page. Visit us to see our full range of cake stands and cake pop stands, as well as all available colours and thicknesses of acrylic for custom designs: