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Prismatic Light Diffuser Panels

Prismatic Light Diffuser Panels

Prismatic Light Diffuser Covers are now available from Pacific West Plastics in standard pre-cut 1200mm x 300mm panels, specially designed to fit standard suspended ceiling diffusers in most office and factory buildings throughout Australia, as well as custom sizes to suit your needs.

Prismatic is a clear acrylic material with a small prism-shaped pattern, and is available from Pacific West in Standard P12 Pattern or P19 Pattern, which has larger prisms.

P19 Prismatic Light Diffuser Covers

P19 Prismatic Acrylic

P12 Prismatic Light Diffuser Covers

Standard P12 Prismatic Acrylic

The purpose of a Prismatic Light Diffuser Cover is to cover a light source, such as fluorescent or natural sunlight, diffusing the light to create even light distribution.

Prismatic Light Diffuser Covers can also be bent to shape for a custom fit on domestic and other fluorescent light fittings, and can also be cut to size for skylight fittings.

In addition to prismatic acrylic, Pacific West Plastics also offer skylight opal acrylic panels, which can also be cut to size or bent to shape for custom light fittings and skylights. Skylight opal acrylic provides a whiter light, whereas prismatic acrylic is completely clear.

Prismatic P12 Acrylic is available in 3mm thickness in sheet sizes up to 2440mm x 1220mm.
Prismatic P19 Acrylic is available in 4mm thickness in sheet sizes up to 2440mm x 1220mm.
Skylight Opal Acrylic is available from 2mm – 50mm, in sheet sizes up to 2440mm x 12220mm

Please contact us for a free quote on custom prismatic or skylight opal fittings.

Our pre-cut 1200mm x 300mm x 3mm P12 Prismatic Light Diffuser Covers are available now on our eBay store.

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