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Ertalyte PETP Polyester – Your Bronze Bush Alternative

Ertalyte and ertalyte TX are both semi-crystalline thermoplastic polyesters. Ertalyte and ertalyte TX plastic sheet, rod and tube have many properties which make them unique when compared with other engineering plastics in applications that require food contact, stain resistance, low friction and high wearing characteristics. Both of these polyesters have excellent dimensional stability making these materials an ideal replacement for bronze across significant operating temperature variations.

Available in rod, tube and sheet form, this product is especially suitable for precision mechanical parts capable of sustaining high loads in challenging wear conditions.

Pacific West has two Ertalyte PETP polyester products:

Suitable for the manufacture of mechanical precision parts which have to sustain high loads and are subject to wear. Its main properties are high mechanical strength, better resistance to acids when compared with nylon and acetal, good electrical insulating properties and physically inert.
Ertalyte TX has outstanding wear resistance and even lower coefficient of friction when compared with ertalyte. It is an internally lubricated bearing grade with high pressure velocity capabilities and is ideally suited for applications involving metal and plastic mating surfaces.

Both products can be used in the following applications:

Precision gears and bearings
Thrust washers
Pump components
Components for mechanisms of precision

Available in sheet, rod, and tube. Custom machining service is also available. Please contact us on 02 9725 4144, or email

A limited amount of plastics are available to purchase on our eBay store: