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Black Egg Crate Now In Stock

Black Egg Crate is now available at Pacific West Plastics

Due to popular demand, black egg crate is now available in full size sheets, as well as half sheet, and small sheet sizes. Egg crate can also be cut to size as required.

Black egg crate is a safe, non-toxic louvre grid, particularly suitable for use in aquariums, terrariums and other tanks. Most commonly used as a divider to keep fish, other aquatic animals and small reptiles separated from each other in shared tanks, black egg crate serves many other purposes, including:

Filter bed
Constructing coral and rock shelving
Coral Frag Tray
Display rack
Support for small/lightweight climbing plants.

The properties of Black and Opal (White) Egg Crate are identical, offering additional versatility with choice of colour. Some examples of Egg Crate in action are below:

Coral Frag tray coral frag tray















As with Opal/White Egg Crate, the grid spacing in Black Egg Crate is 13mm x 13mm x 8mm deep.

Black Egg Crate is available in the following sizes:

Full Sheet: 1200mm x 600mm
Half Sheet: 600mm x 600mm
Small Sheet: 500mm x 390mm

Black Egg Crate Black Egg Crate
















Cut to Size pieces are available up to 1200mm x 600mm. Please contact us for a freequote. Small and half sheets are available now from our eBay store. Additional images and information can also been found on our Facebook page.

Pacific West Plastics can also be contacted by phone on 02 9725 4144, and email at  to speak with our friendly sales team.