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Acri-Bond UV16 Adhesive

ACRI-BOND UV16 Structural Adhesive is now available at Pacific West Plastics in 50ml tubes.

ACRI-BOND UV16 structural adhesive is a very strong bonding UV adhesive designed for use with ACRYLIC. It cures to a completely clear and bubble free finish upon being exposed to UV light.


Parts to be joined should fit without forcing and be clean. Apply adhesive and assemble while parts are still wet. Press parts together in firm contact.
Curing time:
Fluorescent Lamp: 15 – 30 mins
Diffuse ambient lighting: 1.5 – 3 hours
Sunlight: 10 – 20 mins

Recommended Use:
This adhesive has been designed for bonding Acrylic but shows good results with various other plastic materials. Test before use for other combinations.

Available now on eBay or buy direct from us via email: or phone: 02 9725 4144